Cut tatami rolls with a real Japanese sword(KATANA)

In this course, you will try your hand at slashing a tatami rolls using a real Japanese sword (KATANA)!
You can experience “iai” which is a Japanese art of swordsmanship learned by Samurai.

This course is very popular both in Japan and overseas!

English is available for instruction and commentary!
Our dojo is located in a place with excellent accessibility!

The instructor is a top-notch samurai instructor, so you can do it safely!

This is different from the “Samurai Experience (SAMURAI EXPERIENCE)” .
If you want to experience the action scenes as in a period drama, click here↓↓↓

Our samurai experience program entails dressing up in a samurai costume and learning samurai sword fighting (Tate) first-hand.

We welcome inquiries from overseas visitors, cosplayers, and Japanese who would like to try cutting things with a real Japanese sword(KATANA)!

For more information, please contact us at

Video of Trial Cutting Experience ↓↓↓↓

Our first-class staff will instruct you.

Staff (Instructor): K.SHOJI


Battodachi 4-dan / Goju-ryu Karate 3-dan

Winner of the 2022 Battodachi National Tournament, 4-Dan and 5-Dan division, kata and practical skills division (Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award).

He has also won many other competitions. He also performs at demonstrations and other events.

【Trial Time and Date】

The following times do not include dressing time, so please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start time.

[Regular Plan / Private Plan]

Time / 10:30 – 11:30 (Closed on Saturdays)
※The end time may be earlier or later than 12:00 depending on the number of participants.

[Samurai Experience & Trial Cutting Premium Plan]

Time / 10:00-11:30 (Closed on Saturdays)
※The end time may be earlier or later than 12:00 depending on the number of participants.

If you would like to come at a time other than the above, please contact us.
If you book a private plan, you may be able to experience it at times other than those listed above.

【Fees&Plans】(Tax included)

Because of the seriousness of the work, reservations can be made by adults (15 years old and up).
Please make a reservation at least 7 days in advance to allow us to prepare the tatami rolls for the event.

2 tatami rolls are prepared per person.
If you would like to cut more tatami rolls, we will prepare 1 tatami roll for an additional ¥2,000 per person.

※Minimum number of participants is 3.
In case there are less than 2 people, please contact us for more information.
Experience is possible if you pay for 3 people.

[Regular Plan] 60-90 mins
13,200 yen / 1 person

[Private Plan (Less than 9 persons)] 60-90 mins
16,500 / 1 person

[Samurai Experience & Trial Cutting Premium Private Plan] approx. 90 mins (30 mins for the action scenes as in a period drama / 60 mins for the trial cutting)
19,800 yen / 1 person

[Payment]:Customers can pay by cash or credit card on the day of the tour.

【Cancellation Policy】

100%:on the day
50%:1~3 days before
30%:4~7 days before
0%:8days before

If you arrive late, we will still follow the schedule.
If you are late for more than 10 minutes without any contact, we regret to inform you that we will automatically cancel your reservation.
For inquiries or reservations, please contact us!


3-3-12-B2, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051, Japan

Direction to SAMUARI’ve (The nearest station)
  1. Kitasando sta. (Fukutoshin Line)【Exit 2】 / 4 min. walk
  2. Harajuku sta. (JR Yamanote Line)【Takeshita Exit】 / 8min. walk
  3. Sendagaya sta.(JR Sobu Line) / 10min.walk
  4. Yoyogi sta.(JR Yamanote Line , JR Sobu Line , Oedo Line) / 12min.walk
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    If you have any questions or requests,please let us know.
    ※Please indicate the gender of the participants due to the preparation of rolled straw and real sword(KATANA).
    【For example】: 2 female, 3 male, total 5 people. etc...